Hello! My name is Ting-Han Lin, and I go by Timmy. I am a computer science PhD student advised by Prof. Sarah Sebo at the University of Chicago. I received both M.S. in Computer Science and B.A. in Economics from the University of Chicago in 2022 (4-year Joint BA/MS in Computer Science). During my master’s and undergrad, I was advised by Prof. Sarah Sebo and Prof. Ken Nakagaki. Before coming to the United States for college, I was born and raised in Taiwan.

My research interest lies in the intersection of human-robot interaction and human-computer interaction. Specifically, I design intelligent robotic systems with a research goal to better integrate robots into our world by (1) facilitating new forms of human-robot interaction, (2) making robots more accessible, programmable, and interactive with people, and (3) showing people the capability of robots as intelligent supporters. I have published my research in top conferences including HRI, CHI, and RO-MAN.

Soon, I envision our future living environment will be accompanied by many intelligent robotic systems, and I am excited to research how groups of people can interact with various forms of robots.

Publication & Journals


03/14/2024 One paper got presented at HRI 2024 Boulder, Colorado, USA

09/26/2023 Officially started my PhD at UChicago!

04/23/2023 Two papers got presented at CHI 2023 Hamburg, Germany

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