Anagrams Solver

I built an interactive program with Python that can show immediate solutions to the game Anagrams.

Anagrams is a 60-second word hunt game developed by Game Pigeon. A player is given a list of 6 letters, then he will have to find out word combinations from those letters. This game is played by 2 people through text messages. The winner is the person who got the most word combo after time is passed.

I used set theory to design this interactive program in python. A player can insert the 6 letters shown in the Anagrams game into the text bar, then my program would automatically show you all of the vocabulary words that can be formed by these letters (refer to the screenshot above).

Here is my python code for my program! Feel free to git clone my folder, and run “python” in my folder to see how it works!

Ting-Han Lin
Ting-Han Lin
CS PhD student at UChicago